Workforce San Diego makes finding quality candidates quick and easy. What makes us different? We have the technology and sophistication of a national job board, but focus solely on jobs in San Diego.

Auto Job Posts - Full Service 

Our technology automatically pulls jobs from your website and posts them onto our job board every business day. This means you don't have to post your jobs manually onto our board, we automatically do it for you. Imagine the time you will save! 

Hire Local

      • We focus on jobs throughout San Diego county.
      • We promote our jobs locally on social media and attend live events.
      • We have a proven track record with San Diego job boards.

Job Posting Options

      • You may choose to hide your identity and/or location if desired.
      • You may add screening questions to your posting to help identify the top candidates.
      • Use our applicant tracking features including messaging applicants, adding notes to applicants, forwarding applicants to other staff.

Job Alerts

      • Job seekers can sign up to receive an alert when a job they desire is posted.
      • Automatic job alerts contact job seekers when a job is posted that matches their searches.


We help job seekers find your jobs on our map of San Diego county. This helps job seekers search for jobs by area.

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Back to Work Special - One Job at a TimeWe want to help San Diego businesses open again. Pay just $25 per each 30 day job post. We will offer this discounted price throughout 2020.
Back to Work Special - Unlimited Job PostingsTo help employers get back up and running, we are offering unlimited postings for one low price. We will post all of your jobs for $295 per month, through the rest of 2020. To make it as easy as possible, we will post the jobs for you. Each business day we will pull jobs from your website and post them onto ours. Applications will be directed to your ATS or email.

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